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The City Where Democracy Born!

Noone could have the full Greek experience without spending time in this historical city, the capital of Greece and the largest city, the unique and beautiful Athens (37°58’17.66″N,  23°43’34.82″E).

Historically it lies at the very heart of Greece as it’s known for being at the forefront of early civilisation, labelled as the birthplace of democracy and home to some of the most famous philosophers. Even today the cities thrumming pulse exudes an essence of importance that never fails to transport you back in time. The novelty of being constantly immersed in a city with so much character never really wears off, and in the end it began to feel like home.

Athens, having been continuously inhabited for at least 3,000 years, has a wealth of history. Many of the ideas that exist today in Western society originated in this city. Whether it be philosophical ideas or the foundation of democracy, the importance of these contributions doesn’t diminish with age. While visiting Athens, you will learn amazing things and be humbled by the places where such monumental things have happened.


Going hand in hand with history, the museums and archaeological sites in Athens are the perfect way to help piece together all the facts that you learn while visiting. Here you are truly spoiled for choice, with a huge number of museums and sites in the city centre alone. You just need to decide which ones you’d like to visit.

Many parts of Athens often have an unassuming exterior. While the buildings may be dated and worn, it by no means alludes to a dull interior. The narrow and sprawling alleyways of the city can lead you to the most unexpected and pleasant of surprises. In Athens there are constantly things to explore, and you’ll find something new and exciting every single day, no matter the length of your stay.

The city center is very close to the port in Piraeus and marinas of Athens Riviera. Piraeu’s port is the biggest port in Greece, and ferries run frequently to many gorgeous island destinations. A stay in Athens leaves you situated in the perfect central location; you get the best of both worlds in that you can experience some of the mainland but also see the islands. This proximity is always good when you only have a limited number of days on holiday. So, while it is possible to fly straight to Argosaronic Gulf and Cyclades by chartering a yacht, why not consider visiting Athens first?

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