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Tailor-Made Weekly Tour

Tailor-Made Weekly Tour

Private yacht charter itineraries are planned uniquely for each yacht charter based on client preferences. Just consider your ideal ports of call, how many days you want to charter, as well as which activities will entertain your group best and let us know. Notos Yachting Team is here to help guide you and create the perfect trip for you. 

From the moment you connect with us we will give you the insight you’ve been searching for. Once on board, the crew will listen to your ideas and then volunteer his own based on sucessful past charters. Captains around the world have come to expect last minute changes and will accommodate all possible alterations. 

Whether for personal use, business engagements, or a beautiful destination wedding, a sea dream charter is the perfect way to getaway. However we plan it, our yacht is yours for the duration of your holiday or event. Take advantage of our customizable options and request to charter with and to plan a private yacht cruise, you are not limited to any of our existing itineraries. When you are ready to embark on the voyage of a lifetime, send us a request and we’ll get you started right away.

*** Suggestion: Combine your weekly tour with our Luxury Tourism Services & Tailor Made Experiences***

  • Total fuel consumption: Open
  • Total Nautical Miles approximately: Open 
  • Cost of Tour related to yacht selection & extra services. 
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