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Seafood Barbeque Tour

Seafood Barbeque Tour

The ultimate beach experience, an exclusive tailor-made service, which will give you the feeling of a true and pure holiday.

Be enchanted by the beauty of a dream island and a seafood barbeque prepared by a local fisherman.  Under the sunny sky, swimming on pristine waters and no one to disturb you, there is nothing better than fresh seafood served hot off the grill. Enjoy the feeling of complete relaxation, the sense of pleasure, and true realization that nothing compares to enjoying a magnificent seafood barbeque on your own dream island.

You will find yourselves on a secluded beach where our fisherman and his team will have already prepared a setting complying with your requests and offering everything your heart desires. That will be where you will be welcomed with a smile, a drink, fresh out of the water delicacies and a beach fire. Our fisherman will show you how to open sea urchins, clams, mussels and more, cook fresh fish and indulge in the flavors the sea has to offer.

  • Seafood Barbeque can be implemented in Dokos Island or Kapari Island of Saronic Gulf.
  • Cost of Seafood Barbeque Tour related to yacht selection, number of guests and possible extra services. 
  • In case of arriving with private yacht in Dokos Island or Kapari Island, cost of Seafood Barbeque related to number of guests and possible extra services.
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